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Hmmm.... Starting Over

I'm new here and I hope to make somenew friends and reach my goals and dreams...

I've decided to go back to my Anorexic ways.... I feel free when I do, as werid and messed up as that sounds...

Breakfast: 1 cup of coke (100)

Then I got on the computer, and for some odd reason went back to the sites I use to visit and a few new ones...

Lunch: Peach Jello (80), Skim Milk (80)

Snack: 1/2 serving of Milk Chocolate Pudding (80)

I was bored, and had a craving for something sweet, so I made somejello and pudding (jello, with it's gelitin[sp?] has benifits to help your hips and knees, as well as other joints) Before I could get carried away on the pudding, I reminded myself of my goals and was able to throw it away when my uncle wasn't looking. Then I figured out a way to have pudding safely. 1) Offer most of it to the family; 2) We have this itty-bitty little cup things that have lids. I fill them up with pudding (and this is like, 1/10 of a serving, or along those lines) and keep them until I have a craving for something sweet, then have a taste or two of the pudding.

Dinner: TV Dinner (210), Milk (80)

Total Calories: 630

Not too bad... Maybe tomorrow I'll be abole to stay under 500.... Wednesday I don't plan to eat much b/c it's the day that marks a year of my relationship with my boyfriend. :) So I'll plan on a little bit before my dance class, to get my metabolism going, and then have dance class to burn it off (Hip Hop), and then I'll choose carefully wherever my boyfriend and I go for dinner. :)

Rose Fire
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